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Ship Repairing

# "In-Situ" Machinery

Our specialists carry out all kinds of repair works of main and auxiliary engines, including works of machining, grinding and polishing the crankshaft’s main and crankpin journals, without lifting of the blocks – "in situ". We are ready to execute the work at any port of the world, during cargo operations or during vessel’s voyage.

Special attention is paid on inspection of defective journal and condition of radius, using modern technologies and portable equipment for defining the hardness.

The technology of machining is approved by classification society, and is made with special portable equipment, that allows achieving the exactness of machining up to 0.01 mm.

The surface condition after machining corresponds to the maker’s standards.

Our equipment allows machining of main journals with sizes from 100 to 400 mm and cranckshaft's crankpin journals with sizes from 100 to 350 mm, to the requested size, with the normal level of hardness, which corresponds to the terms of machining of crank shaft.

In-situ technology we  offer  gears repair. This procedure allows repair and rebuild worn and broken teeth on the gear wheels with including big sizes  gears. Problematic parts of the gear are applied by welding and hardening. Main advantages are that this helps to avoid disassembly, extra costs for purchase of new spare gears, long delivery time and  avoid off-hire the   vessel. Service team may arrive to place reachable by car in Europe  and Black Sea area.

In-situ In-situ

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